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Geography Bee 2019

Congratulations to the Tommy Cottingham, winner of the 2019 Geo Bee, and Charlie Wilson came in 2nd place! We are proud to have this group make it to the Bee! See pics!
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Congratulations to our 2018 Teacher of the year Mrs. Monica Sottoriva!

Mrs. Sottoriva has taught 8th grade English at CMS since 1994, when her husband retired from active-duty (Army) and they moved to Carlinville, her hometown. She considers it a blessing to be able to teach in the district where her father once taught in a one-room country school, her mother was school nurse, she attended kindergarten through high school, and where her two sons were fortunate to have obtained an excellent education as well.
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Youth Power Community Service Information

Our Youth Power Christmas Dance is Friday, December 14th from 7-9:00 pm. Youth Power students must complete 2 hours of community service for someone other than a family member and cannot accept money for the service. Complete the form, have it signed and return it to Mrs. Card no later than Friday, December 7 at 3:30 pm. This community service project will get you a ticket to the dance!
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